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Editor's Note

Hello Readers!

We would like to start our note by offering our condolences for the lives tragically lost after the earthquake in the Aegean Sea and the consequent tsunami that happened on the 30th of October. We wish a speedy recovery to all the people with injuries and extend our thanks and best wishes to the frontline staff and volunteers on the ground saving countless lives and taking care of many people that were suddenly left without a home. As it is said after every earthquake, we are calling for common-sense measures to protect ourselves against earthquakes and accountability for the buildings that were not built strong enough to stand earthquakes in an area that is this earthquake-prone.


We have covered a wide range of interesting topics on our 8th issue. On our “Agenda of the Month” we investigated the impact of school reopenings around the world. Taking the “Spotlight” were this year’s Nobel Prizes and an extensive recap of U.S. President Donald Trump’s presidential term as he faces a tough re-election challenge. We have three “Present and Voting” articles that will push you to think of and question the legitimacy of foreign intervention, elderly professors and their challenges with the modern world and the ethics questions surrounding pet ownership. In our “Historical” section we have a great article about the history of money, and in our “Universal” section we have an intriguing article about immigrants’ effects on job markets. We examine the “Intersection” between gaming and the alt-right this month along with what accepting cookies really means when you’re “Online.” Last but not least, we have three articles in our “Trivial” section that may pique your interest when you’re looking for something other than breaking news about City Pop, breaking the “fourth wall” in cinema and the meteoric rise of Among Us.


This issue contains the hard work of all of our team members and we thank all of them individually for putting together such a good issue while they juggled schoolwork and many other responsibilities. We would like to thank Hülya specifically as she helped us out with our editorial process and helping keep the bulletin going strong as things were shaky in the quite literal sense of the word. 


Tomorrow is Election Day in the United States! If you are eligible to vote please do not forget to cast your vote! If you have not already, please tune into our special election coverage on our website. 


Thank you for reading this issue of PRESENT by BoğaziçiMUN. We hope to see you again in our next issue. Until then,

Keep masking, keep distancing and stay safe!


Alp Ünal AYHAN & Didem ÖZÇAKIR

Editors of This Issue


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