Since we are a group of college students and not professional journalists, you cannot expect the titles of the sections to be dull like in a newspaper. We are trying to be as creative and explanatory as possible both with our titles and our articles. Unfortunately, these creative attempts may have caused some confusions, so we felt the urge to explain the section titles and their contents.



If everyone is discussing about a certain topic, you are most likely to see an article regarding that topic in this section. This section usually contains the current situation of the world and significant events happening during the month.

Aerial View of Barren Land


Topics that are being globally spotlighted tend to appear here. Contrary to the Agenda of the Month section, content of the Spotlight section does not have to be limited to the current month.  

Magnified Grass


In this section, you can see opinion papers on the social, political, and economic issues. The name is derived from the rollcall presence of the delegates in Model UN, where delegates openly state that they are not willing to abstain.  

Rocks in Desert


Every month, we choose a term to analyze its history in detail. Terms are usually chosen in regards to their relevance with the current events.

Repetitive Lines


In this section, the declarations, agreements, and resolutions concerning the international community are analyzed in depth. 

Rock Formations


Certain subjects share common fields of study, and we handpick a topic from their crossover. In this section, we elaborate on the chosen topic from the perspectives of the both subjects.