8 Fruitful Tips For Freshmen

by Ümit Altar BİNİCİ

If you are reading this you probably have graduated from high school and successfully got into a university. If so, then congratulations! However, contrary to popular belief, university is only the beginning to an ages long work life, and the most important one at that. Therefore, you should construct your academic and social life accordingly throughout those years. Here we have listed some pieces of advice that may help you build a path to ultimate success in life.


  1. Attendance is key! Even if you are not that nerd of the classroom, in order to pass your exams and keep up with the assignments, your presence during classes is gravely important. Attendance in the classroom will also ensure you acquire necessary information first hand, and not through third parties.


  1. Never touch your phone in class! Social media, video games, and anything else a phone contains can easily distract you during classes. Even if you are not playing with it, its mere presence can divert your attention and eventually may cause you to fail the class. This also applies to solo and group studies.


  1. Always be ready for everything! University life can be quite fluctuating as much as you think it will be smooth and steady. You always need to be ready in case of a change in schedule.


  1. Create a schedule and stick to it! Planning your daily routine is crucial for those who want to balance their academic and social lives. However, while doing so, do not overschedule it. Nobody can live like a robot with sharp timing after all!


  1. Do not plagiarize! While most high school students and teachers do not care about it, university fellows consider this a crime. Always do cite the source and credit the author (if applicable). Otherwise, it will only take a piece of plagiarized paper to ruin your entire academic life.


  1. Take your notes with a pen and paper! This old fashioned method might seem dull alongside iPads with an Apple Pencil. However, using a computer-like device tends to divert students’ attention during classes or while studying for an exam. Besides, everything is much easier with pen and paper anyway!


  1. Get to know as many people as you can! You know what they say: it is dangerous to study alone. Throughout your journey you will need companions that will assist you more than ever. Even though the majority of the academic life is based purely on solo-play, we need each other, as social human beings. Oh, and do not forget to meet with your teachers!


  1. Actively participate in extracurricular activities! School life is not all about exams and assignments. In order to achieve success in social life, one should attend social events and activities, spend time with friends and whatnot. Academic success surely is important to have to get ahead in life, but it has to be consolidated with sociability.


I think this list covers the most important points that a freshman may encounter. Life is about learning, and learning is about living, after all! Consequently, exploring the unwritten points and passing them down to the future newcomers falls down to you. Live and learn!

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