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Simple Ways of Achieving Inner Peace

by Mert CENGİZ

Aren't you enthusiastic when you buy a new mobile phone, computer, or simply a new technological device anymore? Do you feel “strange” after having fun with your best friends? Or do you think that you are not happy despite doing your most favorite activities? If your answers are “yes,” you are not alone. You are presumably suffering from lacking inner peace. At first, it might seem horrible; however, achieving inner peace is not as complicated as initially thought to be. 


Imagine a bird trying to fly with only one wing. It is not tough to assume that it cannot fly under this condition. But, what is the relationship between the wings and inner peace? Our needs are similar to this bird. It is inconceivable to achieve inner peace by providing only material needs and ignoring spiritual needs, or vice versa. The latter is less common than the former in the contemporary world, so it is more crucial to show spiritual development, which results in inner peace achievement.


Meditation is one of the essential activities to achieve inner peace. Contrary to widespread belief, meditation doesn’t belong to some specific faiths and hasn’t got any particular methods. Yoga, prayer, or any other way is used to be alone with your spiritual self. What it means is that the ritual is not essential if you can communicate with your other-self. During the meeting, it will guide you to inner peace by making you consider the spiritual necessities. 


Remembering who you are is also an important achievement in spiritual development. Focusing too much on the material world may induce you to forget your true self, which is your spiritual self, and doing nothing but thinking about the metaphysical world at least once a day would remind you to care about your non-physical side. Furthermore, asking what you did for your spirit the day before would change your view towards life in a peaceful manner. 

It is pretty easy to satisfy spirits as their only necessity is love. They merely need to love and be loved. Therefore, what you should do for your inner self is love. To exemplify, inner selves need to love animals and be loved by others. Interestingly, they make their bodies show their respect and love by taking actions such as providing food and water to animals and respecting other people. After that, they become happy after seeing positive responses. 


To sum up, spiritual development has considerable impacts on achieving inner peace. Of course, physical needs are also essential to fulfill inner peace. On the other hand, they don’t provide inner satisfaction in the long term as physical selves demand materials constantly. A person who ignores their spirit in the past but provides both physical and metaphysical needs is probably able to differentiate the situation in the past from that in the present. Whether you are suffering from lacking inner peace, just try it. Money, which is a material, is not required! 


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