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Why We Should Not Get Used To The “New Normal”

One big year ago, a global pandemic had begun. Healthcare systems were tested, economies were shut down, and most importantly over 2 million people died. This situation has changed nearly all human habits. For instance, today, nobody can imagine going outside without a mask except for only the conspiracy theorists and some ignorant people. What is more, entering public areas with a code is found quite normal by most of us. The term “new normal” was initially found too dystopic by millions; however, we have mainstreamed the new conditions so far. In this case, two questions ought to be asked: “Why we got accustomed to this new normal?” and “Why we should not do that?” 


First of all, a whole year in a routine passed, yet it seemed like a lifetime. No events were able to be a “checkpoint” as almost all of them was online. Even going on a “normal” vacation was not allowed in summer, it was not considered as a “checkpoint” due to the rules of the new normal (wearing masks, social distancing, etc.) Thus, we lost our perception of time, and eventually, got used to the new rules.


At the beginning of the pandemic, some photos and videos emerged in media, especially in social media. In these visual materials, sufferers were being transported in close gurneys, falling down after shaking, and dying with pain. They scared people a lot; consequently, people acknowledged every single rule in order to prevent themselves from suffering from this new illness. Once the precautions had been set, nobody could imagine violating the rules except for conspiracy theorists and their followers, as mentioned before, as people were dying. After a whole year, the prohibitions have become ordinary, just like every regular event. 


Getting used to the new rules might be dangerous in the post-pandemic era. Since the restraints affect people’s physical and mental health negatively, they had better be given up as soon as possible. To exemplify, being exposed to too much radiation, feeling isolated because of the social distancing rules and travel restrictions, and not being able to breathe fresh air because of the masks are not some conditions that people want to experience every day for the rest of their lives. Adapting to the new lifestyle is harmful due to the risk of becoming permanent, so the chance of encountering the damaging consequences will remain unless we can safely return back to the old “normal”.


As a conclusion, being aware of the fact that extraordinary prohibitions are temporary is precise. Therefore, you should not get too accustomed to them, and sometimes try to cheer yourself up by acting as if you were in the good old days (of course at home, do not try this outside for the time being). Maintain your spirit healthy as well as your body. Stay healthy, stay happy!

by Mert CENGİZ

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