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New Year’s Resolutions and Hopes

by Mert Cengiz

Keep your Christmas trees and presents ready, a new year just has come! Maybe you found your love, started a new university or discovered a new hobby but it is time to celebrate the ending of 2020. We witnessed terrible disasters such as a global pandemic, earthquakes and political crises that scare us a lot in 2020. We just wanted to have a time machine and return back to the previous years. That’s why this New Year’s resolutions and hopes are not just clichés but wishing what we miss.


Taking off our masks in public areas? Today it sounds impossible. Walking around crowded streets and sitting in a café without feeling anxious are nostalgic memories. We desire hanging out with our friends without any technological devices, seeing them really without a mask. Another willing is watching a sports match in a sports centre even it is snowing. Going to a concert of a symphony orchestra or a popular singer is what we need after a long lockdown. We aren’t expected saying this but we really missed going to our universities or schools.


Every New Year is a chance of wishing goodness, happiness and health for our friends and family. We want to believe something will change especially in a positive way. It’s true; nothing changes in 1st of January which is just the day after 31st of December. So the reason why we hope is just to motivate ourselves. Every New Year gives us a chance to refresh ourselves to stay alive. Otherwise it would be really hard to deal with the difficulties of the world.


How you started the New Year follow you during the whole year. Fortunately, we celebrate it with special events such as playing bingo with friends & family, giving presents. They just bring more and more positivity in our lives; it is a great reason to be hopeful in that night and also during the whole year.    


Last but not least, we also wish you a happy New Year. All of the goodness, health and luck may be with you every time. Stay safe, stay healthy. Don’t let anybody to damage you. Keep dreaming, wishing and hoping. Terrible days will not last forever. Be ready for great memories, new friendships and interesting adventures. 2021 will be a wonderful year!

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