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Productivity & Chill

by Şebnem YAREN

The Coronavirus crisis is probably the only crisis that has affected every single person on the planet in a long time. This means that all 7.3 Billion people are going through the same thing at the same time. However, it cannot be expected that everyone deals with it in the exact same way. How can we expect to have the same routine with everyone when we do not even share fingerprint with anyone else? People will try new things with this long-lost time they found and they will post about their progress if that makes them happy. But, this does not mean that you are obliged to do such tasks!


Remember that everybody copes with a crisis differently. You do not have to participate in the ‘productivity race’ the media is forcing on us. What you need to do right know to stay healthy both physically and mentally, is to stay home and do whatever makes you comfortable. If you feel happy laying down all day and watching Netflix, that’s totally fine. If you feel good when you cook, read and workout, that’s totally fine too! The only way to keep our mental stability in check is to listen to ourselves, not the media. So, go ahead, play video games for 12 hours-straight or go for a run at 7 a.m., who cares? Keep in mind that what you’re doing and feeling is totally valid, and we will all be okay at the end. Just trust the process, relax and stay safe!

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