Madiba-Nelson Mandela: A Dreamer Who Never Gives Up



He was born in 1918 in the Thembu tribe as the son of a tribal chief. An elementary school teacher gave Mandela the name Nelson. Being an artifact of the British colony in Africa, offering a Christian name to the children starting education become a tradition. Mandela, also known as Madiba, in South Africa is also mentioned by name. Madiba is the tribal name of which Mandela was a member, and in that land, the tribal name is even more important than his last name.

Present and Proud: Elliot Page

Hülya AFAT


As the PRESENT Team, we are proud to celebrate Pride Month for the second year! Since the current pandemic was an unexpected opportunity for queer people to explore their sexuality and gender identity during isolation, many celebrities also came out as a part of the LGBTQ+ community which created both backlash and a sea of support from the public. In order to celebrate their achievements and queer identity, we chose Elliot Page as the Person of the Month for this month! Celebrating their identity is as important as acknowledging their path to arrive at this point, then let’s start with their early life and career.

Alan L. Hart