Everyone has worries and doubts about daily life. In this section, we are trying to ease and normalize the process of those feelings. Stay safe!

  • A Guide to Socializing at University

    Şebnem YAREN


    Hi there, fellow introverts! Time to face your fears :)Today we will talk about one of the most challenging parts of starting university, socializing. No matter how positive and flourishing it may seem, moving on from one chapter of our lives to another can be hard. It is human nature to adapt and adjust to certain surroundings, so when we change what/who we are comfortable around, it inevitably creates a shock for our mind and body.

  • Getting the Best of Online Education in 5 Steps

    Didem ÖZÇAKIR


    Unfortunately, many schools had to switch to online education due to the ongoing pandemic. We tried to continue our departments online for a semester and most of us felt that we could not learn anything. A concept called "online graduate" was created to make fun of the fact that people did not understand the lessons in virtual classes. Memes were made to show how online graduates would fail in their work. Even though this is the case, it seems like we do not have any chance to switch to face-to-face traditional education for a while.

  • 8 Fruitful Tips For Freshmen

    Ümit Altar BİNİCİ


    If you are reading this you probably have graduated from high school and successfully got into a university. If so, then congratulations! However, contrary to popular belief, university is only the beginning to an ages long work life, and the most important one at that. Therefore, you should construct your academic and social life accordingly throughout those years.

  • Think Ahead: Achieving Success and Happiness

    Ümit Altar BİNİCİ


    In Turkey, placement results for the Higher Education Foundation Examination (YKS) have been announced fairly recently. Students, alumni, and even teachers entered the examination in order to try out their chances. Some were satisfied with the results, while some others were not that much.

  • Future Anxiety

    Şebnem YAREN


    Hey there! Sorry to break it to you, but this month’s Present & Chill may not necessarily ‘chill’ you out. However, it is a topic that needs to be discussed from time to time, especially in our generation, and that is future anxiety. Whether you are enrolled in a university, a high school or middle school right now, you have received some type of education throughout most of your life. This path of constant education that we are receiving is designed to lead us all to somewhere in life, it is specifically planned out for us to have the necessary qualities to obtain a ‘job’ in the future.

  • Productivity & Chill

    Şebnem YAREN


    The Coronavirus crisis is probably the only crisis that has affected every single person on the planet in a long time. This means that all 7.3 Billion people are going through the same thing at the same time.

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