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  • Bir Başkadır: An Accurate Reflection or Another Stereotypical Approach?

    İdil Çakmut


    Movies & TV

    Bir Başkadır, one of the latest productions of Netflix Turkey, written and directed by Berkun Oya, had created great controversy among the audience. While some praised the series for its unique camera work, acting, and scenario, some badly criticized it for being incapable of displaying the Turkish society with all of its aspects and putting certain people under a specific mold.

  • Veep and Four Seasons Total Landscaping: Politic Satire Became Reality Show

    Hülya AFAT


    Movies & TV

    On November 7, shortly after the four-day-long vote-counting process resulted in Joe Biden being called as president-elect, President Trump tweeted that his team would hold a press conference at “Four Seasons Philadelphia”, to announce their lawsuits regarding the recounts in several flipped states.

  • Breaking The Fourth Wall

    Ece HASGÜL


    Movies & TV

    On Netflix’s new film based on a book, Enola Holmes, we are welcomed by the main character in the very first minutes. She looks straight to the lens and starts to tell her story directly to the audience, us. An unusual way to start, but still a fairly used method in movies: Breaking the fourth wall. The history goes as far as Ancient Greece when the first examples of theatrical plays took part. Still, in modern-day plays and musicals, it is very common for the fictional characters to refer and/or talk to the audience.

  • Disney's Live-Action Mulan and the Controversies Surrounding It

    Ece HASGÜL


    Movies & TV

    Disney added another remake of a memorable cartoon to their list, and the live-action remake was released in Disney+ on September 4th. Official trailers for the movie were published in December 2019, and the movie was initially planned to meet the audience on March 24th, however, it had to be postponed several times throughout the year because of “who shall not be named”. Finally announced with a date, the movie received serious complaints from the fans; you had to pay an extra 30$ to play the movie in addition to the monthly price of Disney+. This was not even the first nor the biggest issue with the film.

  • Questioning Our Morality Through TV Shows: Ethics in Technology Era



    Movies & TV

    TV Shows are not cheesy time­killers as some people make them out to be at least not all of them. Some TV Shows are capable of tackling moral questions or even create their own interpretation of the afterlife even though how blasphemous that can be to some people. There are three particular TV shows which displayed a great success on what we mentioned previously. These are Black Mirror, The Good Place, and Upload. All of these shows are great series standalone but when you dissect them and see how they are actually pretty interconnected you will see much more.

  • How Did NBC Become the Pillar of Comedy in the US and the World?

    Şebnem YAREN


    Movies & TV

    The National Broadcasting Company (NBC), the oldest broadcasting network in the United States, has been in Americans’ lives since the 1920s. It started off as a radio program originating from New York City and transitioned into a television broadcasting company in 1939. Although NBC was primarily envisioned to serve as an informational outlet, the network gained its stronghold in the industry with its entertainment-oriented efforts which essentially formed the blueprint for American television comedy.

  • May the 4th Be With You: Star Wars and the Vietnam War

    Ümit Altar BİNİCİ & Kaan ERTAN


    Movies & TV

    Happy May 4th to all the PRESENT readers! No matter if you watched “A New Hope” in 1977 in a movie theatre or watched it on your tv, you are a part of the huge Star Wars fan community, which sprawls from generations to generations.

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