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Biohackers: Science Gone Wrong

by Sena BALBAN

Netflix has become almost an indispensable part of our lives for watching movies, documentaries, and series with various topics. The platform also offers original shows that are produced by different countries. Biohackers is one of these original shows from Germany. The series consists of 6 episodes for now, but the second season will be available on Netflix soon. The story of this series is based on biomedicine and some possible ethical problems that can occur during biomedical studies. In general, biomedicine focuses on practical studies of theoretical facts in medical science. In Biohackers, studies in biomedicine and some ethical issues are evaluated through a science-fiction perspective. 


The main character of Biohackers is Mia, whose brother died due to a genetic illness. Mia is a mysterious student who is studying medicine. She can be described as mysterious because she keeps the reason she is interested in Dr. Lorenz's experiments a secret and does not tell much about herself to her friends at first. Dr. Lorenz is a professor at the medical faculty. Besides working at the university, she conducts experiments. She has a laboratory where she keeps a DNA database from different children who died due to genetic problems.  In her experiments, she uses this database and wants to ensure that children will be treated and be rid of their illnesses by making some changes in their genetic systems and cells. However, Mia blames Dr. Lorenz for her brother's death since she made some changes in the genetics of Mia's brother but failed.


The flow of actions in Biohackers starts with Mia's plans to take revenge on Dr. Lorenz. She comes to the university where Lorenz works. In order to get more information and clues about what Lorenz does apart from teaching at the university, she establishes a good relationship with the assistant of Lorenz, called Jasper. Jasper is a very loyal student of Lorenz and has a deal with her in which he guarantees to keep everything Lorenz does at the laboratory a secret, and in return, Lorenz guarantees to help Jasper since he has a genetic illness. However, as everything becomes complicated, Jasper finds out that Lorenz won't obey their agreement.


In Biohackers, we also see some science-fiction events. For instance, one of Mia’s roommates grows plants that are different from typical plants in that she makes changes on genetic sequences of the plants' cells, and hence they have neon lights. Furthermore, some experiments are conducted in a really short period of time which doesn't seem to happen in the real world.


To sum up, Biohackers is a series about biomedicine. In addition to its medical perspective, it also gives an interpretation of scientific events in a science-fiction way. The series presents scientific steps of experimental studies in a more understandable way and evaluates them within every aspect, meaning ethical issues are also mentioned. 

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