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About Us

PRESENT Bulletin is a student-run endeavor published by BoğaziçiMUN aiming to bring a fresh perspective to various international topics from some of the best pens Boğaziçi University has to offer. We tackle many topics, some trivial and some serious, in a manner that appeals to all demographics, but we do not neglect younger readers like mainstream media. As a group of young students, we produce content primarily consumed by our peers so we do not shy away from using the appropriate language or making the necessary statements. If you want to be a part of our bulletin, you can visit our Join Us page in order to apply to be part of our team. You can subscribe to our newsletter to receive an update whenever we post a new article and also follow us on our social media accounts for more independent student content!

Senior Editor: Lara Tali

Subcommittee Coordinators: Öykü Efendi & Zühtü Anıl Tutar

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